A Visit to the Wild Animal Sanctuary

When some clown is discovered to have a pet tiger in his apartment in New York City, what happens to the animal?  A lot of times the animal is euthanized because the authorities lack the ability to handle the animal safely and there is no place for the animal to be placed because the zoo system is not a viable option.

Enter the Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Founded in 1980 by Pat Craig outside of Denver, Colorado the Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Sitting on over 700 acres the facility is home to almost 300 large carnivores rescued from improper homes, abusive roadside attractions, and pathetic zoos.

Unlike a lot of zoos, where a priority is placed on accessible displays of animals for patrons, the Wild Animal Sanctuary allows the animals in its care to live in large enclosures with large family groups.  This approximates a natural setting and natural social order.

Visitors can view the animals from an elevated walkway entitled the Mile into the Wild:

Standing above the enclosures really gives you a chance to witness the animals just being themselves:

Recently, a pair of young bears were rescued following the death of their mother in California.  To integrate the newcomers, an enclosure was built within the larger enclosure:

You can see the use of precast concrete components to create dens and other area for the animals to live out their lives.

The enclosures have lots of structures for the animals to explore and play.  Like this awesome play apparatus:

I do think the the big cats need their own version of Pride Rock:





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