Where is My Milk From?

Did you know that there is a website where you can find out where you milk came from? Oh yeah.  I ran across Where is My Milk From? on my random internet wanderings one night.  Instantly, I was hooked on figuring out where the dairy products in my refrigerator came from.

Generally, I buy milk from Organic Valley.  The company is located in La Farge, WI which is not too far from my home and the company boasts practices that, in general, line up with my belief system.

My skim milk came from a dairy in Maplewood, MN (27-421).  That was a surprise since it was a long way from La Farge.  Huh?

Some whole milk that we picked up for my son on the road came from Dubuque, IA (19-145), which was the closest facility to our home.  Interesting.

My sour cream came from Omaha, NE (31-08) and my yogurt came from Farmington, MN (27-662).

I guess happy cows come from Minnesota.

Granted, this site does not tell you anything about the suppliers of raw milk or the practices of those suppliers.  It is, however, one more tool in the war chest to help figure out the origins of your food.  Transparency is always a good thing.


One response to “Where is My Milk From?

  1. Interesting. Now that we get most of our milk delivered to our home, I can say with certainty that it comes from South Mountain, MD!

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