Lucid Brewing Dyno and Summertide

On my latest trip to the Twin Cities I was able to procure a couple of bottles of beer from Lucid Brewing.  Located in Minnetonka, Lucid got its start in 2011 with the first beers hitting the shelves in November of that year.  Almost a year after being available to the public is a fair amount of time to allow for an evaluation.

One bottle each of Lucid’s Summertide saison and Dyno pale ale made the trip south with me.  How did things turn out?

I was disappointed.  Both beers were fairly well executed, but each felt a little one note or flat.  Dyno:

Competent American-style pale ales are just not that compelling anymore.  When the choices for something other than a “Big Three” beer were Sam Adams and a whole lot of nothing else the story would have been different.  Now…there are so many choices to excite the palate that uninspired beers turn into also-rans.

Summertide saison:

Saisons area style I generally love—one is in bottles right now and will be ready to serve tomorrow—so I was prepped to love this beer.  Like Dyno, I felt that this beer was competent but not compelling.  Dare I say…boring.

This may sound like an indictment of what the guys at Lucid Brewing are doing, but it should not read that way at all.  The greatest thing about the explosion of craft beer in the United States is that every person who hoists a pint has the opportunity to find the beer that suits their particular palate or tickles their fickle fancy.  The next person in line may write that Surly’s Coffee Bender tastes like leftover bong water and, while I may vehemently disagree with that assessment, it does not in any way change their opinion.  Nor is either opinion wrong.

The other great thing about beer is that just because you do not like one beer from a brewer, it does not mean that you will dislike all beers from that brewer.  The next time I am in Minnesota I will try Lucid’s Air, Foto, or Camo.


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