IKEA Recycles and Composts

On my latest vist to IKEA in the Twin Cities–okay, it’s in Bloomington but at least its north of the river–I came away with an armload of foodstuff, a chair for my daughter to sit at the dinner table, and an interesting anecdote.

In the cafeteria–where we snacked on a cinnamon roll and a few cups of coffee in the morning–I came across the waste bins:

Sorry for the craptastic quality, but I am an awful iPhone photographer

It’s not that IKEA recycles or composts, but that the presence of options made people think about their waste for a moment.  A couple of ten year old kids–from Iowa judging by the presence of Hawkeye gear–stopped with their trays and talked about where to put their waste.  Is this waste?  Is this paper?  Can I put this food in there?

Thinking about something for a moment outside of your normal routine is the first step to meaningful change.

Another thing about IKEA in Minneapolis, it’s got a bad ass solar roof.  How bad ass?   Try over 4,000 solar panels.  Check out the pictures at inhabitat.  Why doesn’t every big box store, warehouse, factory, and distribution center have a bad ass solar roof?


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