Another Use for Vinegar

Vinegar is quickly becoming my go to household “do it all” chemical.  Heck, I hate to say chemical because the stuff is practically non-toxic.  I say practically because I am sure that you can overdose on vinegar.  Heck, you can overdose on water.  No matter how pure the water may be.

The other day I used some onions that had been chopped and sitting the refrigerator for a while.  How long?  I do not know, but everything seemed fine when I used them in a mushroom risotto.

That was true until a few days later when the cupboard where I store my glass cooking vessels like 9 by 13 pans smelled like fresh death.  It was, literally, like opening the door on a room where a mouse had died.  It took a while, but I traced the source to a lid used on the same bowl to store the onions.  Wow, did it smell something fierce.  Worse than the freakin’ Stinkor action figure I owned as a kid.

What’s the solution?  Soak the sucker in some vinegar.  A wash in the sanitary cycle of the dishwasher did nothing.  Twenty four hours in a bowl of three parts water to one part vinegar took care of most of the smell.  I am hoping that leaving it out in the air for the next ten days while I am in Florida will take care of the rest.


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