Friday Linkage 10/26/2012

By the time you read this I will be boots on the ground in Orlando girding my loins for the field of battle known as Walt Disney World.  Nothing like a week in the most “magical place on Earth” with a nearly five year old and a fiver year old at heart who I call my wife.

Ten days in Florida means that my posting will be sporadic to non-existent for the foreseeable future.

On to the links…

New York Times Energy Special–Just like food a little while ago, the New York Times has done a whole series of articles on the future of energy in the United States.  A lot of good reading.

Busted Food Myths that are Brought to You by Industrial Food–Imagine that…industrial food companies are good at promoting myths.  Wow!  I cannot imagine…oh wait, it’s pretty much what I expected.

Oil and Gas Companies Sit on Thousands of Unused Leases–I guess it was a terrible crime for Tim DeChristopher to bid on leases and not pay because those wonderful oil and gas companies are chomping at the bit to drill.  Just thousands of unused leases…

Wildlife Drive Grows from Superfund Site–Rocky Mountain Arsenal outside of Denver, Colorado was where some very nasty chemical weapons were made in that lovely conflict known as the Cold War.  Now it is a Superfund site on the mend, so to speak, as nature takes over.  I guess nature always wins.

Why Products Fail–A fascinating look into the world of testing to failure for automotive parts.  It’s just a slice of the work that goes into making the complex machines we call cars.

Chickens Threaten to Divide Park Slope–I guess that New Yorkers are rude even to chickens.  What’s the problem with a few chickens in a learning garden?

U.S. Ethanol Production Falls to Lowest Level in 27 Months–Blame a number of factors–high feedstock prices, questionable demand, low price of fossil fuels, etc.    A lot of people here in Iowa are worried that the industry is prepped for a very major downturn.  I do not know if this is a good or bad thing.

Algae Biofuels May not be Sustainable Either–It looks like the holy grail of the biofuels industry–fuels from algae feedstocks–may not be a sustainable option.  I guess we will just have to use less liquid fuel for transportation.

Boomerang Box–The idea reminds me of a closed top version of the heavy-duty boxes that the U.S. Postal Service uses for bulk mailing and what not in post office nationwide.  Oh wait, a good idea that comes from the post office might not be a palatable idea for anyone who has ever voted Republican.

Recycling for Victory!  When Every Little Bit of Scrap Mattered–Just like victory gardens and turning your thermostat down there was a time when conservation was not only patriotic, but damn near an issue of national security.  Where did that sentiment go?


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