Key West Sunset Ale

Just in town from more than a week in Orlando and my first thoughts turn to beer…naturally.

On a trip to the liqour store I ran across the Florida Brewing Company’s Key West Sunset Ale:

The beer is analogous to a late summer or early fall Florida night.  After a day in the sun chasing your children you want something with a little flavor but nothing that makes you think too much about what you are drinking.  This is in no way meant to be a backhanded compliment, but rather an accurate assessment of a beer that is aiming for its target and hits that target.

Tagged as the “official beer of the Conch Republic” there was no way that Key West Sunset Ale could be anything other than easy going.  Nothing is out of place when you consider this is a beer meant to be consumed within eyesight of the ocean in a place where new flip flops is considered formal wear.

On a side note, when a store in the Orlando area has liquor in the name…the store means it.  Here in the midwest a “liquor store” usually carries an evenly balanced selection of hard liquor, wine, and beer.  Some specialize, but the trend is pretty much toward balance.  In Orlando, I found that “liquor store” means hard liquor and some afterthought wine and beer for the guy who has to pick up something for his other friends.  Heck, the store had more soda mixers than beers available.


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