Small Business Saturday

I hesitate to participate, promote, celebrate, or even mention Small Business Saturday.  In 2010, American Express—yes, the American Express of credit card infamy—conceived of and promoted the idea of Small Business Saturday on the day following the national insanity known as Black Friday.

The idea was that the day would offer a chance for local small businesses to have an answer to the very big box focused Black Friday.  It’s okay in theory, but I hesitate to really celebrate another day where the goal is to shop.  Local small businesses should not be something we support as an exception.  Rather, our support for local small businesses should be the default.

Regardless, I do think it is an opportunity for local small businesses to piggy back on some free promotion from a behemoth like American Express.

So, on Small Business Saturday I am going to make a trip down to the NewBo City Market and support the local small businesses that offer local food options.  I hope to see a lot of people out supporting this great addition to our Cedar Rapids community.


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