$10 LED Bulbs

Do you remember when Republican candidates for president were all up in arms about the efforts to phase out the use of incandescent bulbs because the technology is outmoded and inefficient?  Yeah, I kind of forgot about that when Mitt Romney failed to get more than 47% of the popular vote.

LED light bulbs for residential use have come a long way.  It was only a couple of years ago when poor performing models costing more than $50 were the norm.  Now the market is full of well performing bulbs that cost much less.  The race seems to be on to have this technology replace both the mythologized incandescent and the somewhat reviled CFL.

In this week’s Menard’s flyer, there was a sale on a medium or Edison base LED light bulb intended to replace a 60 watt incandescent.  The bulb only cost $10 and there was no rebate or other gimmick to get that price.  How could I pass this opportunity up?

Meridian Bulb


I had never heard of Meridian Electric, but for $10 it seemed like a chance that was worth taking.

The bulb conforms to many of the design conventions of modern LED bulbs:

Bare Bulb

That is to say it looks a lot like a regular incandescent bulb in terms of shape with the heat sink replicating the gentle curve toward the screw in base.  It’s unlike the Phillips LED that I have had in my kitchen for some time now.

The bulb’s output is hardly omni-directional.  It does output a nice light in an approximate half sphere, so this is better suited to an application where the direction of light does not need to reach back toward the base.  In a light fixture with frosted glass enclosures meant to look like candles it appeared as if there was no light in the bottom two thirds of the glass enclosure, which looked kind of silly.

Nonetheless, for $10 this bulb makes it easy to replace the incandescents and CFLs in your house as each fails.


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