Friday Linkage 1/4/2012

It’s 2013.  Oh yeah!  I have no idea why people get so excited by the New Year.  No one goes around getting crazy stupid drunk when the calendar changes from July to August.  Yet, it’s really no more or less of a momentous day.

Sure, some laws change or go into effect on January 1st but that seems more like an arbitrary date than anything special about the actual date.  Oh well, I guess I do not get it because I do not make resolutions and I usually go to bed about 9:30 on New Year’s Eve.

On to the links…

New U.S. Windpower Capacity Might Beat Natural Gas and Coal in 2012—For the first eleven months of 2012, with December data yet to be tabulated, windpower had added 6,519 megawatts while natural gas had added 6,335 megawatts and coal was a distant third with less than half of windpower’s addition.  Damn!  2013 could be a good year for wind with the production tax credit surviving the fiscal cliff.

Link Between Lead Exposure and Crime—This is an absolutely fascinating look at the link between lead exposure and a whole host of socially deviant or destructive behaviors.  Basically, lead is really bad stuff and it leads to all kinds of long term bad outcomes.  However, we can mitigate the impact so that potential investment would yield huge returns.  Seems like a win-win no brainer type solution to me.

Worms Produce Another Kind of Gold for Farmers—I like the stories like this on one hand because it shows there is finally some mainstream acceptance of what the organic and biodynamic agriculture movements have been saying for years.  I dislike stories like this on the other hand because it treats this information like it is something new.  It’s about rediscovering knowledge that has been lost through neglect.

Kilauea Eruption Infographic—On the Big Island, Kilauea has been erupting almost continually since the 1980s.  It was one of the highlights of my trip to the Big Island to hike through one of the lava fields.  Kind of amazing.  This infographic comes from the Honolulu Star Advertiser:


Don’t believe me how amazing the lava can be?  Check out the “end of the road:”

Lava Field

River Otter Returns to San Francisco Waterways—For the first time in approximately 50 years there is a river otter in the water around San Francisco.  Problem is that no one really knows why the little guy is present.  Apparently, he is all alone.  Here’s to hoping he finds a friend.

A Voracious Demand for Shark Fins—When will we finally stop the slaughter of sharks to make a tasteless, gelatinous soup for Chinese taste buds?  Soon?  This barbaric practice has to stop.

The Best Food Sources for 13 Essential Vitamins—It’s another infographic.  This one is a handy guide to the best food sources of 13 essential vitamins:


High Efficiency Trims Can Actually Reduce Your Car’s Resale Value—These “high efficiency” trims are a total joke.  You pay up to thousands of dollars more to save a theoretical mile or two per gallon in an already efficient vehicle.  Thus your payback is measured in a decade or more, assuming a lot of variables, and now it appears like you cannot even bake the extra cost into your resale calculations.  That Nissan Leaf is looking better and better.

Why Norwegians Love EVs More than the Rest of the World—And I thought it was because Norway was a country full of genial, sweater wearing folk who just wanted to be nice.  Or is that Minnesota?  I get the two confused all the time.


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