Minnesota Beer Odds & Ends

My brother came down last weekend from the Twin Cities, which means that I have a refrigerator full of Surly Coffee Bender.  Additionally, he always brings some other beers down depending upon what he runs across in a trip to the liquor store.

This trip yielded Fulton Brewery’s Sweet Child of Vine and Third Street Brewhouse’s Lost Trout.

Fulton Brewery started operations in 2006 in a garage. Literally, in a garage.  Check out the story here.  The packaged beer that comes from Fulton is actually brewed at Sand Creek Brewing Company in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  In March of 2012 the taproom opened and beer started flowing that was brewed in the Twin Cities.

Sweet Child of Vine, besides being a great take on the name of a classic Guns ‘n Roses song, is an India Pale Ale:

Sweet Child of VineThe beer is well-balanced, with the alcohol of 6.4% ABV being countered nicely by the 69 IBUS and a strong malt profile.  Unlike a lot of IPAs that blanch out the malt profile to really showcase a lot of hop flavor, Sweet Child of Vine strives to achieve a more English note.  This is no hop bomb blast.

This is a beer that I would really like to try on tap.  Luckily, this beer will be available on tap at Target Field in Minneapolis.  Can’t wait for baseball season to start.  Less than one month until pitchers and catchers report.

Third Street Brewhouse’s Lost Trout was not so successful:

Lost Trout Brown AleA brown ale, Lost Trout drinks too sweet.  Not enough bitterness and not enough alcohol are present to balance out the sweet.  In reality, I do not know if there would be enough of either unless this beer was a high gravity hop bomb and that might not be enough.

Oh well, more beer…




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