Friday Linkage 2/15/2013

Vacation is so close that I can taste it.  Okay, I cannot actually taste my vacation but–with all apologies to Iz–white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters..Kauai is calling me.

On to the links…

Global Wind Capacity Increased Almost 20% In 2012 to 282 Gigawatts–The title pretty much speaks for itself.  Let’s keep this renewable trend a’rocking.

Renewables Cheaper than Coal in Australia–Okay, it’s now cheaper to buy solar power on contract than it is to buy coal.  Sounds like a tipping point to me.

El Paso Electric Inks Solar Deal That Is Cheaper Than Coal–All right, if this happens in Texas I would have to say that we are past the tipping point.  Renewables are for real.

The 17% Cut In Carbon Pollution By 2020: Yes We Can Get There From Here–If solar can be cheaper to buy than coal in Texas and Australia then there is no reason why we cannot de-carbonise our economy.  None.

Do GMO Crops Really Have Higher Yields?–GMO crops have been hailed as one of the tools in the fight against world hunger blah, blah, blah.  Too bad the research is starting to show that the benefits are much more muted than previously thought and the downsides are much greater than everyone imagined.

China’s Fishmongers Lament Waning Popularity of Shark Fin Soup–I almost feel bad for the people who sell a product that is responsible for the decimation of sharks.  Nope.  Thank god  we are making progress toward ending this silliness.

Horsemeat Scandal Exposes the Cheap Food Imperative–What’s going on with the horsemeat scandal in Europe makes me think about the whole pink slime incident here in the U.S.  It is something that really makes people stop and think about what is going into their food.  Or, how it got to be so cheap in the first place.

America’s Mason Jar a DIY Catalyst–The humble Mason jar is one of those items in the toolbox of any DIY fanatic.  So useful for so many things.  I feel like pickling some garlic…

How Do You Know You are at a Hipster Wedding?–Speaking of Mason jars.  Freakin’ hipsters.  A friend of mine worked our way through the flowchart and realized a few too many of the “weddings” we had attended recently fit the bill:



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