The Secret Dipping Sauce Arrives

Certain recipes take a life of their own on the internet.  These recipes almost become memes in themselves.  Okay, it’s not LOLCats, but then again what is?

Serious Eats and the sub-site Slice there is talk of a secret dipping sauce.  Heretofore referred to as SDS, this recipe is the stuff of legends.  It is of unknown provenance.  It is apparently addictive, like crack, and makes everything it touches better, kind of like bacon.

Take a moment and check out the recipe.

I cut the recipe in half to make an amount that I felt was reasonable.  I may like dipping things, but the amount seemed like a little bit of overkill.  Over 1 gallon of SDS?  No Way.

The comments in the recipe say that it takes a while to emulsify because of the amount of oil.  With an immersion blender it did not take very long at all.  Maybe 5 minutes of pulsing and it came out like this:

SDS Bowl

Even cut in half this recipe makes too much SDS.  What to do?  Oh yeah, get out the canning gear.

Here’s where I am going to go light on details.  There is some debate about the safety of canning low acid foods, like tomato sauce, in a boiling water bath as opposed to a pressure canner.  I used a water bath method and, if you so choose, there are a lot of good resources on the Internet that can guide your way.  My mother-in-law and several relatives have used the boiling water bath method for decades without problems.

The recipe yielded six bottles of sauce:

SDS Canned

I should be in the SDS for a while.  Good times.


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