A Dark Side to a Good Day

Most of us have heard of the patch of garbage floating in a gyre in the Pacific Ocean, but it is a relatively abstract concept.  The oceans are, in some ways, too large for us to truly comprehend.  Everything seems to be over the horizon or measured in distances that are hard to imagine because we fly over the oceans instead of traversing them via ship.

However, the plastic pollution that is gumming up our oceans is very real.  On an otherwise great day at Lydgate State Park I saw this:

Lydgate Plastic

At first, I did not know what these little pieces were all over the beach.  I thought maybe broken pieces of shells or something else.  Nope, broken bits of white and blue plastic mixed in with busted up pieces of driftwood.

These little bits of plastic seem almost impossible to clean up.  Several groups do an excellent job of keeping the entire park free of large debris that washes up on the shore, but what can they do to clean up the little bits of plastic?

On a positive note, I did not see any similar plastic pollution at Poipu Beach State Park, Haena State Park, Tunnels, or Kee Beach.


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