Bread Success!

I suck at making bread.  I have made loaves that resemble door mats or the bases for a baseball diamond.  I have made bread that even the animals in the yard would not eat and I wonder exactly how well these logs would fare in the compost bin.

This weekend…something happened…there was bread success!  What happened?

A few times a year I get the bug to try and bake bread.  It is my culinary unicorn.  Whereas I have conquered many things in the kitchen—creamy risotto, drop dead delicious mac & cheese, omelets I can make in my sleep—decent bread has been elusive.  Sunday was one of those days because, for some reason, the weather gods have decided that winter should hang on just a little longer and it snowed all day.  Not that nice fluffy snow.  It was one of those grey days where the temperature was warm enough to turn every surface where the snow was disturbed into a dirt flavored slushy.

I anticipated the nasty weather and set out to make some no knead bread.  Instead of trying a variation or someone’s modification of a recipe I went to the source: Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread recipe in the New York Times.

The loaf came out of my La Creuset dutch oven looking good:

Bread Loaf

The real test, however, was to see what the crumb looked like on the inside:

Bread Crumb

Yeah, that’s steam rising from the inside of the freshly cut bread.  I could not contain myself in cutting the loaf.  The results were good.  A success, I dare say.

About the only complaint that I have is that the crust on the bottom turned out a little thick.  Not inedible thick, but rather dip in some Secret Dipping Sauce thick.


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