Friday Linkage 4/12/2013

You want to know the only good part about getting stomach flu?  I am a lot closer to my spring weight loss goal than I was on Tuesday.  Granted, it was two miserable days at home that I paid for the privilege.  I am going to look on the bright side of things for a little bit.

If I had not gotten ill there were a lot of things that I wanted to write about that will have to wait until next week when my brain works a little better.  The lack of uninterrupted sleep and little food has left me sluggish.

On to the links…

Is a “Game of Thrones” Winter Coming?—If I could have my own personal direwolf I might not care.  Granted, this spring has sucked because the winter weather will just not let go.

24.6 MPG: March 2013 was a record month for fuel economy in U.S.—It’s progress.  Slow and steady, but progress.  Like the author I hope that one day we no longer fret over miles per gallon when talking about the auto fleet.  Until then, however, I will take solace in whatever forward progress I can find.

Australia can go 100% renewable energy by 2030—Pretty much self-explanatory from the title.  The crux of the issue here is more political will than technical capability.

Solar Efficiency Progress—Just take a moment to really take this chart in:


The progress that has been made is extraordinary.  Especially considering all of the roadblocks put in place by policy makers over the same period of time.

Toward Perpetuity: Global Solar Is Skyrocketing, Will Soon Be Net Positive Energy Source—Solar is the real deal.  Now, going forward, each solar panel will be a net positive addition to the energy solution.  Dig it.

Turning Tires Into Gas for Energy and New, Valuable Materials—If you have every driven past one of those discarded tire mountains you have probably had the same thought, “What could we do with all that rubber?”

Polluting Plastic Particles Invade the Great Lakes—It looks like the problems associated with the plastic pollution of the oceans are now reaching the world’s fresh water bodies.  It was inevitable, I guess, but sad nonetheless.

Getting Serious about a Texas Sized Drought—Every time I read about the drought gripping much of the western and southwestern United States I want to run and pick up my copy of Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert.  The folly of our development in dry lands is a long term historical trend that shows little signs of abating.  Just look at construction in Phoenix.

Oyster Farm Caught Up in Pipeline Politics—This just shows how messed up our politics really are right now.  No bill can be taken on its own merits without a raft of amendments from both sides meant to gum up the works added.  Just wait to see what happens with the pending legislation on gun control.

Culprit in Heart Disease Goes Beyond Meat’s Fat—Red meat is just bad stuff.  It’s like a cigarette on the dinner plate.  I am glad to see that people are finally off the jihad against fat.  I can now slather myself in butter.

Yes, Healthful Fast Food Is Possible. But Edible?—I am amazed when people eat healthy food that is appetizing and act like it is a revelation.  Sure, if you are used to eating processed garbage all the time a meal of blah vegetables from the WalMart produce section is not going to be very tasty.  However, well-crafted meals of good ingredients will be tasty.  Even if made in a fast food setting.


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