Friday Linkage 5/24/2013

Do you ever get so busy that by the time you get to the weekend it feels like two or three weeks have gone by because so much has been happening?  I am in that mode right now.

On to the links…

Say Hello to the 100 Trillion Germs that are Your Friends—If you have read Michael Pollan’s Cooked the content of this article will be familiar.  Needless to say, we have so little idea about the microbiology of the organisms that cohabit with us.  Our ignorance is stunning.

Bear Bile Farming Brings Charges of Cruelty—Why is it that every time someone mentions a detestable animal industry based upon some folk curative the culprit is China?  Bear bile is just the latest in a long string of odd folk medicines that have become hyper popular now that the country is industrializing.  It’s just sad.

Solar Printer can Make 33 Feet of Solar Cells per Minute—Damn, a machine like this is impressive.  Just imagine watching a machine crank out 33 feet of solar cells every minute for hours on end.  At that rate you could start putting inexpensive solar cells on everything.  Wait a second…

The True Cost of Gasoline: Memorial Day Driving by the Numbers—I take a lot of satisfaction knowing that on most of these driving-centric holidays like Memorial Day or Thanksgiving that I am usually at home enjoying peace and quiet instead of fighting it out on the highways.  Ugh!

What are the Stats on Car Recycling—Infographic time baby!  And just in time for the Memorial Day holiday driving extravaganza:


Long Beach to Get Induction Charging for Buses—I have seen articles about this technology being developed, but this is the first time I have read about it being deployed across a transit system.  We do not need to have the same solution for all our transportation needs.  This is the type of solution that is perfect for the intended use.

Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side—I am not a yogurt person, but I see people buying Greek yogurt in quantities that I cannot ever remember people buying regular yogurt before.  It’s amazing.  For a while I thought that Chobani and Fage were putting crack in those little plastic cups.  Alas, the dark side of the Greek yogurt boom is not illicit drugs but, rather, a waste byproduct.  So sad…

DIY Smartphone Charger for $5—As I read about disasters the one thing people mention is that they had a hard time connecting because their phones lost power.  The network was up and running, but their personal node was down for want of a little battery life.  I was prepped to spend some decent coin on a charger, but then I saw this DIY solution.

5 Ways Urine Could Help Save Humanity—I do not know if our pee can save our species, but we need to stop looking at things in terms of waste when there is really a resource.

Mountain of Oil Sands Waste Rises in Detroit—Basically, no one wants the stuff save for the Chinese who will burn anything for a kilowatt.  Is there a good story about the development of tar sands?

High Plains Aquifer Dwindles—Run and get your copy of Cadillac Desert of the shelf.  Why?  Because the dwindling of aquifers and dire consequences discussed in that book years ago are coming to a head.


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