Friday Linkage 7/5/2013

It’s July…where did June go?  I got sick, when to a funeral, and all of a sudden three weeks passed by in no time.  Damn.

On to the links…

President Obama’s Climate Change Plan (Infographic)–If you can boil it down to an infographic, everyone wins:


Federal Government Hopes More Rigs will Become Reefs–Until now, it had been a real challenge for oil companies to leave drilling rigs alone in the Gulf of Mexico as fish habitats.  Here’s hoping some of these artificial reefs are allowed to survive.

For Perfect Bacon, Add a Little Water to the Pan–Huh?  Try it.  It works.

Seaweed Biofuels: A Green Alternative that Might Save the Planet–I still have hope for biofuels, just not the first generation of fuels derived from the same crops as food.  Seaweed derived fuel would be badass.

Clean Energy For All: California Advances Pioneering Shared Renewables Bill–As renewables enter the mainstream more and more, the options for obtaining different renewables will increase.  Solar gardens for victory, man!

Can Electric School Buses Help Solve Our Grid Problems?–Renewables are “lumpy.”  That is to say that the amount of power going into the grid is not consistent 100% of the time.  Moderating those peaks and valleys is a challenge.

How the Koch Brothers Screwed the Climate More than You Think–Just when you think that these two ass wipes have reached bottom there is another rung down into the slime that they descend.  Impressive.

Bright Kids, Small City–Maybe chasing one’s dreams in the “big city” is not the only option for people out there.  Here is to hoping that a new generation does not immediately fall for the allure of a major metro.

WWOOF Experiences Cheaper Way to try Farming–Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms sounds really interesting.  It’s hard to find an experience on the farm if you do not intimately know someone who farms.  Wait a second.  Maybe that’s one of the problems with out food system.  Oh snap!

Eight Rules of Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette–I cannot imagine how pissed I would be if I drove my Nissan Leaf to a charging spot and saw am SUV parked in the spot.  Whoops, I don’t own an EV yet.  Yet.

Could The NSA Spy On Environmental Activists?–Do you remember the stories about police in Britain embedding themselves as undercover agents?  Who says that the NSA would not spy on Could The NSA Spy On Environmental Activists? as well?


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