MPGe, or miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, has been getting a lot of press lately.  The figure is an attempt by the EPA to compare the efficiency of non-traditional vehicles—plug-in hybrids, pure EVs, etc.—with that of traditional vehicles in a format that we are all familiar with…the Monroney Label.

The math is complicated and the criticisms are legion, but it got me thinking about expressing other things in their MPGe.  What about beer?  What is my miles per gallon beer equivalent?  More specifically, if I fueled myself solely on homebrew how many miles could I go on my bike?

Sure, it’s a facetious exercise but bear with me because my brain is starting to melt from consecutive days with a heat index at or above 100 degrees.  Ugh!

Based on a series of calculations using information gathered across my many bike rides this summer I have figured that I expend about 74 calories per mile ridden on my bike.

Beer contains about 13 calories per ounce, but I am going to round up to 15 to account for the heavier nature of some of my homebrew recipes.  Therefore, a gallon of beer contains 1,920 calories.  Simple math gets me to an MPGb figure of 25.95.

Damn, I am not much more efficient than the average car on America’s roads.  Oh wait, beer is a renewable resource.  Drink on!  Ride on!


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