Friday Linkage 8/9/2013

You know the worst part about being busy with work and family?  You get a moment to breathe and you kind of realize all of the stuff you want to get done, but you really just want to lay down for a nap.  No one told me about this part of getting older.

On to the links…

Some Prosciutto Fans Turn to Iowa—I am so glad to see the great people behind La Querica getting some national press.  Here is a company in Iowa producing knock down outstanding prosciutto.  I buy it whenever I get the chance because it is a genuine delicacy.

‘Frack Gag’ Bans Children From Talking About Fracking, Forever—Does this seem a little over the top?  If there is “nothing to hide” like fracking proponents tell everyone within earshot, why are the companies doing the fracking going out of their way to restrict the speech of minors in perpetuity?  Just asking.

Life in a Toxic Country—China is messed up when it comes to pollution.  Regardless of what the government says the air, water, and soil is so contaminated with a devil’s brew of pollutants that it is going to cripple the country eventually.  It’s already playing out like a dystopian young adult novel.

Solar Could Provide One-Third of Western U.S. Electricity by 2050—Dig it.  Choose the right renewables for each region and you end up with a very compelling argument to deploy even more renewables.  I am not going to push solar as the answer in Iowa because we rock at deploying wind power.

Time Lapse Map Shows Growth of U.S. Wind Power—Craziness.  In 1992 there was enough windpower online to power ~315K homes.  By 2012 there was enough to power 15M homes.

Wind Energy Prices Hit Lowest Level In 8 Years As Industry Explodes—It does not matter that the federal government cannot get its act together or that ALEC is trying its hardest to get renewable energy standards rolled back, wind energy is on a roll.  The thing that bums me out is how far behind China we are in total installations.  That is just un-American.

Arizona’s Biggest Utility Wants to Tax Solar—You know that utilities are worried when they start asking utility commissions to enact taxes.  Everyone hates taxes, right?  So, everyone should hate something being taxed, right?  I don’t know if the Grover Norquist-esque logic will hold.  Check out the picture of the solar PV arrays in the article’s picture.  Those things are sweet.

Cuba is Finally Embracing Solar Power—It’s good to see Cuba breaking free of its usually centralized method of doing everything for a distributed model.  Not being reliant on imported oil, gas, and coal is also a good thing for an island nation that has a hard currency problem.

Recycling’s ‘Final Frontier’: The Composting of Food Waste—I do not get why composting of organic waste is such a non-starter for so many communities or individuals.  The end product is great for so many uses and the diversion of organics from the waste stream is a huge benefit to municipal waste systems.

Your Go-To Guide for Choosing Healthier Grains—The Greatist has produced an awesome infographic that helps you choose between amaranth and kamut:

Your Go-To Guide for Choosing Healthier Grains

Groundwork Laid, Growers Turn to Hemp in Colorado—Here’s to hoping that industrial hemp gets a fair shake.  My guess is that some people will rush in, the infrastructure to support processing will not be mature, and the first generation of proponents will wash out fairly fast.  It’s the second generation you have to watch out for.


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