A Moment of Zen

Part of my childhood is defined by Calvin and Hobbes.  For adults who grew up in the late-1980s and early-1990s this comic strip was a cultural lodestone.  It was the one place where the unchained child seemed to have a voice.

I may not have played Calvinball or had a friend who was a tiger, but I felt like Calvin in so many ways.  I wanted to craft snowmen with half the creativity that was displayed by Calvin.

When Bill Watterson quit producing a daily comic strip it felt like a little part of my childhood disappeared.  It’s like anything that you immerse yourself in as a child.  When it goes away, you feel hurt.  Did you ever follow a ballplayer on a sports team with fervor only to have that player leave for another team or retire suddenly?  It feels the same way.

Recently, animator Adam Brown recently created a short that has Calvin and Hobbes dancing.  It makes me smile.


My love of Calvin and Hobbes also makes it hard for to understand how so many memes have him urinating on various logos.  Why?  This was not a theme of the comic strip at all.  Or why some people have him praying before a giant cross.  Again, why?  Show me where such overt religiosity was ever in a single strip.  Cretins.


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