Late to the Kale Party

I am not obsessed with kale like Erik at Root Simple.  I am not going to wear a shirt admonishing people to eat more kale.  On second thought, if buying a shirt from a small business in Vermont pissed off the bigots at Chick Fil-A then I might whip out my credit card.

In the search for a snack that is devoid of any scary sounding preservatives I latched onto baked kale chips.  A friend of mine always has a bowl of them handy and the crispy little bits are quite delicious.  To my surprise, Costco had giant bags of baby kale this past week:

Bag o Kale

Just ~$5 for a big ol’ bag of baby kale.  I split the bag with kale loving friend—he puts it in just about everything he cooks, which makes me wonder if he is part of some kale cult—and I set out to make kale chips.

It’s been a while since I felt like a total failure in the kitchen, but my attempts at kale chips brought me down to my knees.  I tried batches at 250, 300, and 350 degrees like several recipes on the internet said would produce the perfect kale chip.  I tried batches with very little oil or no oil at all.  I salted some and tried other spices on some.

The end result looked okay:

Kale Chips

Each time the batch totally lacked something that made it an appealing snack.  The worst part was that every batch had a lingering aftertaste that accumulated after a few chips.  It was actually quite awful.  A swig of Chinook IPA took care of the aftertaste.

Furthermore, a good sized jelly roll pan produced very little in the way of finished products once the chips had reduced down.  It was a lot of time, effort, and energy for very little return.

I am going to have to side with Dana Cowin who declared kale chips a passé foodie trend on a recent episode of Top Chef.  At least no one is marketing kale deodorant because some clown has come up with bacon deodorant.


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