Iowa Beer Trail Stops at NewBo City Market

The NewBo City Market in the New Bohemia district of downtown Cedar Rapids is one of my favorite places to spend a morning on the weekend.  I just love taking my daughter down, enjoying a breakfast burrito, buying some freshly baked bread, and just soaking in the local foodie vibe.  First world problems, I know.

Recently, the NewBo City Market and Millstream Brewing partnered to create Market Pail Ale:

Pail Ale

It’s a nice pale ale.  That sounds like condemnation via praise, but I think that it speaks to the leaps and bounds that American beers and the palates of American beer consumers have come when it is expected that a pale ale meet certain criteria.

I kind of wished that the beer had some connection to the locality other than its brewer.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate the local aspect of its production but I wish it was more than just about the production location.  To really give something a sense of place it should incorporate something that is unique.  I am not suggesting that the brewers at Millstream Brewing cultivate yeast from the market environs or anything like that.

I have written about Millstream Brewing before and I want to congratulate them on consistently producing quality beers.  A few years ago, maybe more because my memory is somewhat foggy, the quality was inconsistent at best.  When it was one of the only local beer games in town it felt like they were taking the market somewhat for granted.  As more entrants have come on line I feel that the brewers in Amana have stepped their game up, so to speak.

Here is a time that I will whole heartedly agree with those free market economics people.  Competition is good for everyone, especially the consumer, in the case of beer.

If you are down at the NewBo City Market head over to NewBo Beer & Wine to pick up a six pack and enjoy the local vibe.

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