Friday Linkage 12/27/2013

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season with family and friends.  It’s hard to believe that in only a few days it will be 2014.  I hope that the new year brings great things.

On to the links…

This Graph Shows why Solar Power will Rule the World–One power source to rule them all:


Renewable Energy Comprised Total U.S. Power Generation Gains in November–Renewables are on a roll and it looks like November was a great month.

Renewable Energy is Now the Source of 40% of Scotland’s Electricity–40 percent!  Damn!

New Efficiency Rules For Cable Boxes Could Save Enough Energy To Power 700,000 Homes Per Year–It is amazing how something as innocuous as a cable box could suck up so much electricity.  It makes me wonder how many other things are out there that we could change to make a major impact.

The Iconic Climate Photos of 2013–It’s the end of the year, so now we can start with the reviews of the year that is about to pass.

13 Reasons Marijuana had the Best Year Every–Maybe we are finally moving to a period of time where the War on Drugs is a thing of the past.  We can hope.

Artificial Sweeteners found in Lake Erie–The hits keep coming for artificial sweeteners.  First, it turns out the chemicals are probably bad for us in dietary terms.  Now, it appears that the chemicals are finding their way into our waterways.  Great.

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Found At Fracking Sites Linked To Cancer, Infertility–Well, if artificial sweeteners are bad the chemicals used in fracking are even worse.

EV Drivers Beware, ALEC is Coming for Your Solar Power–Do the people behind ALEC just sit around coming up with things to go after?  These clowns do not like anything that might be planet positive.

Conservative Groups Spend up to $1 Billion Fighting Action on Climate Change–Will history look back on the conservative movement of the last decade or so and judge them to be one of the biggest groups of assholes ever?

China Face $176 Billion Bill to Clean Up the Air–China’s air is bad.  It’s probably the worst in the world and it is going to crimp economic growth.  The estimates to remediate this pollution are mind boggling.

They’re Back! Chesapeake Oysters Return to Menus–Efforts to clean the waters of Chesapeake Bay are herculean.  The bounce back of the local oyster population is a nice success story.


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