Grand Slam for Zambia: Power of 5

Bicycles are an amazing thing.  A bicycle can open the horizon in a way that is transformative.  As adults, I believe, that we forget just how powerful the moment when we conquered riding a bicycle was in our lives.  Suddenly our horizons were not restricted by the short distance we could walk in a reasonable time.  What was beyond the horizon was suddenly possible.

The same thing is true on the developing world.  In the past I have donated to World Bicycle Relief as part of the Fat Cyclist’s efforts to raise money for the charity.  This year is no different as the effort this year is Grand Slam for Zambia: The Power of Five.

500For $134 World Bicycle Relief will provide a Buffalo bicycle to someone in Zambia.  That person’s life is transformed because they can suddenly go farther, carry more, and do it all in less time.

If you donate through the Fat Cyclist’s contest you have a chance to win one of five dream bikes and a bicycle trip of a lifetime.

It’s a chance to really change the life of someone and I do not think that there is any better sentiment during the holiday season.  Please donate today.


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