Friday Linkage 1/17/2014

Do you ever get done with a week of work, look back on the week as a whole, and wonder where all of your time really went?  You know you were working and it was a busy week, but you cannot put your finger on a single piece of work that is significant.  Gotta’ love the corporate world sometimes.

On to the links…

West Virginia Declares State Of Emergency After Coal Chemical Contaminates Drinking Water—This story has obviously developed a lot over the course of the last week, but it is crucial to remember that these accidents are not uncommon.  Whether it is coal or oil or even natural gas, it is a problem when there is an uncontrolled release of the material or associated materials.  No one ever talks about a nasty release of solar panels.

The 6 Most Terrifying Facts About The Chemical Spill Contaminating West Virginia’s Drinking Water—Just a short list of terrifying information about the aforementioned chemical spill in West Virginia.

Look How Gross The Water Is After The Chemical Spill In West Virginia—If you wanted visible evidence on how nasty the water is in West Virginia just check out these photos.

EPA: Pebble Mine Means ‘Long-Term Risk To Salmon, Wildlife, And Native Alaska Cultures’—I wake up every day thinking that this is the day I am going to hear that the proposed Pebble Mine is completely dead.  Most of the major investors have pulled out, the EPA says it’s a bad idea, and a lot of the locals oppose the idea.  Time to die Pebble Mine, time to die.

A Day in the Sun: Solar’s Revival Sends Stocks on a Tear—Dude, when renewables get good press on CNBC—unlike that asshat report on 60 Minutes—you know the technology is mainstream.  Next thing I know Rick Santelli will be talking about the array on his roof.  Okay, probably not because that guy is a clown.

SolarCity Wants to Raise Billions from Small Investors—SolarCity is on absolute tear lately.

How D.C.’s Sewage Will Soon Generate Electricity—Why aren’t we doing this with all municipal sewage?  Waiting…

Eat Fish, Kill a Dolphin?—I remember a time when the issue that upset kids the most was dolphins being killed because of tuna nets.  What happened to the outrage?  By catch is still a major problem with regard to our seafood.

Five Foods That Are Killing The Planet—Put down that Big Mac because that beef is just straight bad for the planet.

Why Sugar Makes Us Feel So Good—I remember listening to a speaker say once that sugar is the equivalent of a street drug when it comes to the biochemical response in our bodies.  Great, now my Laffy Taffy is crack.

10 Low-Tech Tactics for Living More Sustainably—Everyone wants sustainability to be about buying a widget or spending some money on something.  It can just be about not doing certain things.  Imagine that, progress without consumption.

Claymation Project Sheds Light On The Tragic Life Of A Pig—The life of a standard pig in our food system is Hobbesian…nasty, brutish, and short.

See America Project—I love the art of this project.  I have a soft spot for the old national park posters and Americana in general.  I think my favorite is the poster for South Dakota with a bison:



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