Friday Linkage 1/24/2014

What kind of world do we live in where a notorious ass hat like Glenn Beck actually postulates that his rhetoric may have had a role in creating the divisive environment we operate in today?  Really?  Next thing you know Pat Robertson will apologize for being a nasty old man.  Probably not.

On to the links…

U.N. Says Lag in Confronting Climate Woes Will Be Costly—Isn’t this the sort of logic that our parents tried to beat into our heads as children?  If you just do a little bit early on and continue with that effort things will be easier later.  What do we do?  Procrastinate.

India Almost Doubled Its Solar Power in 2013 With Big Plans For More—Renewables are a big hit in the developing world because there is no longstanding infrastructure to compete with.  It’s the same reason why wireless technology took off in the developing world so fast compared with the developed world.

Kenya to Get 50% of Electricity from Solar by 2016—Damn, I am impressed by this.

U.S. Offshore Wind Farm, Made in Europe—I think this is less a story about the backers of Cape Wind going with a European company and more about the lack of a coherent U.S. policy hindering domestic companies from making necessary investments to be competitive.  I do not know if offshore wind has a long term future, but it cannot hurt to try and nurture the industry.  Hell, the government is still trying to get “clean coal” off the ground.

China Exports Pollution to U.S., Study Finds—Now for the bad news.  It looks like the pollution that makes China a hellhole is coming over the Pacific to make the air in the U.S. worse.  Ass clowns.

Chicken From China? Why You Should Be Worried—I worry about anything that comes from a country with no safeguards when it comes to food safety.  You can show me the laws that are notionally enforcing food safety, but when no one actually follows those rules and no one enforces the laws until it becomes a scandal you can guarantee that I want to know if my chicken comes from China.  This is why food labelling is critically important.

Humans Become Unwilling Test Subjects in West Virginia Chemical Spill—The spill in West Virginia has once again highlighted the gaping holes in our regulatory regime.  We are the test subjects for American business.  The sooner we realize that fact the better off that everyone will be.

Seventy Years Is Enough: It’s Time to Put the Draize Test Out of Its Misery—Have we not moved beyond a state of affairs where it is considered acceptable to mistreat animals for no scientific reason?

Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet—I don’t really understand these “wildlife” shows.  I was never a fan of Steve Irwin and the current crop of hillbilly wildlife encounters seems a little wrong.  Apparently, it’s all a big sham and Animal Planet should really change their name to Animal Torture.

Americans are Fitter, yet Fatter.  Why?—It appears that Americans work out a lot and are concerned about their overall health, yet we continue to see obesity rates rise.  It could be definitional, in that people getting “sufficient exercise” according to guidelines are not actually getting enough, or it could be that no matter how much we exercise our diet will hold us back.

The Standard American Diet in 3 Simple Charts—Do you want to know why we are fat?  Our diet sucks.

Portland Apartment Development Busts Bike Parking Record—This is great and all, but until I see a multi-level parking structure dedicated to bicycles like I saw outside of the main train station in Amsterdam I am going to remain somewhat unimpressed.

Driver Unaware of Cyclist Stuck in Windshield—Maybe more bicycling is not a good thing.  How does a person not realize that he struck a cyclist and that said cyclist is currently stuck in his windshield?

Meet the Beer Brewing Monks of Massachusetts—Trappist monks have been legendary brewers of beer for centuries, but that tradition is something that mainly stays in Europe.  Now, a group of monks in Massachusetts is bringing the tradition stateside.

Pongo The Baby Orangutan Had A Great First Year Of Life—Now for a little lightness.  Pongo, an orangutan at the Zoo Atlanta, is one year old.  He is a cute little dude.  I absolutely love the picture of his yawn:



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  1. Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the good spirit.

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