Friday Linkage 1/31/2014

It’s going to be a light week of links.  I was hella busy closing my father’s estate and getting the house ready for closing, which is a good problem to have because I will no longer have that issue hanging over my head.  It just means I did not get to some of the fun stuff like I wanted to get done, like completing my keezer.  Being an adult means you can eat ice cream for dinner, but you also have to be responsible sometimes.

On to the links…

Anti-Fracking Activist Barred from 312.5 Square Miles of Pennsylvania—In a total WTF story for the week I give you Vera Scroggins.  She is an anti-fracking activist in Pennsylvania who was given a temporary restraining order barring her from any properties owned or leased by the area’s big fracker Cabot Oil and Gas.  This is an action taken against a protester who has broken no laws and acted in a peaceful manner.  So much for speaking truth to power.

Shell’s Arctic Offshore Drilling Ambitions Stymied In Appeals Court—Is there a worse idea lately than Shell’s plans to drill in the arctic?  As if last year’s debacle with the drilling platform breaking free of its tug and the dubious economic argument, this project has the distinction of being dumber than either Keystone XL or the Pebble Mine.

How do You Recycle a Solar Panel?—I think this is a great question to ask considering the proliferation of panels throughout the world.  Disposal of an item at the end of its usable life is a major issue when it comes to calculating the lifecycle cost of that item.

UK Should have 10 Million Homes with Solar Panels by 2020—Could you imagine a world where we get 40% of our power on sunny days from solar panels?  Apparently someone is Britain is looking forward to that day.

World’s Largest Wind Turbine Starts Generating Power For First Time—This turbine has a rated generating capacity of 8 megawatts.  That is over five times what the common 1.5 megawatt GE turbine you see dotting the landscape.  One of the bad boys can power over 3,000 American households.  Damn!

A Mafia Legacy Taints the Earth in Southern Italy—I have a relative who lives in Naples and he confirms that things are as bad, if not worse, than what is described in this article.  During my one visit to Italy I saw none of the horror scenes being described, but I may not have been looking.  It’s an awful story.  It also kind of sounds like the world Republicans in Congress would like us to have here in the U.S.

Chipotle Blurs Lines With a Satirical Series About Industrial Farming—Chipotle is killing it with their recent ad campaign.  The fact that this campaign is getting so much press can only be a good thing considering its send up of factory farming.

A Look Inside the Protein Bar—I have never understood people’s obsession with finding a packaged alternative to otherwise satisfying foods.  Like the article says, wouldn’t a sandwich with the same amount of protein be more satisfying than a single foil wrapped bar?

Low Glare Lights a Hit on the Ski Slopes—These Snow Bright lights are wicked cool.  In college I worked for a company that built custom lighting rigs for various applications and we used magnetic induction lamps once.  Could not figure out why these strange bulbs were being used.  Now I get it.

The Compost Bowl? Food scraps to be collected at MetLife Stadium—I always wondered if those bizarre stadium nachos were compostable.  I guess we will find out soon enough.  My money is on the cheese still being recognizable years down the road.


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