Shimano Total Replacement

I was given a new bike recently—a story for another day—that came equipped with Shimano 105 components, which are generally regarded to be a good performing value component group.

After tightening the various bolts and adjusting various angles I noticed that the downshift paddle on the rear shifter was broken:

Lever Broke

These shifters are Shimano Total Integration models that incorporate the shifting and breaking into a single lever.  Everything is close at hand and once can shift or break from a multitude of hand placements on the drop bars.

In this case a little plastic piece covering the metal of the downshift paddle broke away completely.  I am talking about a few grams of plastic.  Maybe a nickel’s worth of material.

The “good” news came when I asked about a replacement piece of plastic at the local bike shop.  I was given one of those looks that says, “Silly cyclist, that was not in Shimano’s plan.”

What was in Shimano’s plan?  A complete replacement lever to fix a tiny piece of broken plastic.  Planned obsolescence and lack of user serviceable parts has bedeviled cyclists for decades, but this seemed extreme.  I had to disassemble the right side of my handlebars and remove the cabling all to repair a simple piece of plastic.  One option would have been to continue shifting with the broken paddle but that was like getting a slice of wood jammed into my finger every time I wanted to drop a cog.

So, it’s really Shimano Total Replacement.  What a joke.  I suppose that this will just force me to switch out the shifters sooner rather than later.  The object of my desire?  Some Retroshifts.  Any company that uses a goat as a logo is cool.


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