Miller Fortune

If you have watched a sporting event in past few months—recently concluded NCAA basketball tournament anyone?—chances are pretty good that you have seen an advertisement for MillerCoors’ latest creation Fortune:

Miller Fortune

British bad guy—at least according to Jaguar—Mark Strong is there to goad an otherwise staid individual to embrace the wilder side with a swig of lager. Perhaps, but how does the beer taste?

If you read any press material about this particular beer you will notice one thing features prominently…the alcohol level of 6.9% ABV. That’s about the only redeeming quality that the mar-com wonks have decided will sell this beer. Spirited nights apparently begin with a heapin’ helpin’ of grain alcohol.

Now, some beers can handle a 6.9% ABV but this is not one of them. Fortune is supposed to be brewed with Cascade hops, a favorite of craft brew fans everywhere. You would be hard pressed to identify a distinctive hop note in this beer—bitterness or aroma.

Like Budweiser Black Crown this is a beer that is being sold on the image of some kind of urban dreamscape where the drinker attends parties in unique spaces that are populated by revelers nattily done up in little more than black. Don’t believe me? The beer finder for Miller Fortune will direct you to a bottle shop if you do not happen to live in an “urbandaddy” market. WTF?

This beer is basically a dumpster fire in a can.

Zero Mug Purchase

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