Is the Future Flat?

No, this is not some contrived musing about the “flatness” of our globalized world. Sorry, Mr. Friedman.

This is about the Philips SlimStyle LED light bulb. The light bulb is a really unique design in that it does away with the traditional globe or bulb shape that many LEDs attempt to mimic. See it in profile here:

LED Profile

The bulb is a 60 watt “equivalent,” which means it is supposed to put off the same number of lumens as a 60 watt incandescent, consuming 10.5 watts and the bulb is also dimmable. This was a key requirement as I am looking for bulbs to replace my last incandescent bulbs in a dining area fixture that is often dimmed. Mood lighting baby!

The shape of the bulb is critical to its performance. Generally speaking, LED bulbs use large and heavy aluminum heat sinks to dissipate the buildup of heat.   By flattening the bulb and spacing the individual LEDs this bulb is able to eliminate the heat sink. Pretty cool.

I picked up the bulb for less than $10 at a local Home Depot. Does anyone remember when LED bulbs were near $40? Seems like yesterday.

How does it perform? I was concerned that the flat shape would lead to a weird directional light output. Can you spot the flat LED?

Light Fixture Slim LED

Okay, it’s the one in front.

Here is what the bulb looks like naked and on:

Naked Slim LED



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