Taking Stock of Winter’s Losses

This past winter was harsh. There were long stretches of frigid temperatures. Snow and ice clung on longer than I can remember in a while. And the landscape has paid a price.

Granted, it did not really warm up until this week with temperatures last week falling to near freezing at night. With some heat, humidity, and rain it is time to take stock of what damage the weather caused. It is not pretty.

I was really excited when I planted my dawn redwood. Now it is dead:

Dead Dawn Redwood

This is a great spot for a tree, but it obviously needs to be something hardier if climate change means we are going to end up with harsher winters. Or wetter springs. Or drier summers. Who knows?

The loss of the butterfly bushes was not so surprising since I lost one of the bushes last year as well:

Dead Butterfly Bushes

I am kind of bummed out because this was going to be my pollinator garden. I keep thinking that this might be the perfect spot for a hop trellis. I figure that I can fit four to five vines in the space that should provide enough fresh hops for a couple of batches of wet hopped beer. If you have ever had a well-made wet hopped beer it is a treat because the flavor is so distinct. To avoid winter kill, I could bring the rhizomes in once they have gone dormant and store them in my keezer, which stays a cool 38 degrees all the time.

What really surprised me was how bad the lilacs got brutalized:

Hurt Lilac

Normally, these are some very hardy plants but this exemplar is struggling to fully leaf out. Granted, it is alive where other plants have died so I have to cut it some slack.

Much to my wife’s chagrin this means I am going to be spending some time at the garden center this Memorial Day weekend. Any suggestions on plants?


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