Iowa Beer Trail stops at Great River Brewery, Again

I have been fond of the beers from Davenport, Iowa’s own Great River Brewery.  In the past I have written about Roller Dam Red Ale, 483 Pale Ale,  [] Farmer Brown Ale, and Redband Stout. [] Thus, I was excited to try a couple of summer seasonal beers: Widespread Wit and Chicawawa Lemonale.

Widespread Wit is an unfiltered Belgian White ale:

Widespread Wit

It seemed like this would be a great summer beer.  Light in bitterness (~10 IBU) and middling in alcohol (~5.5% ABV) it was positioned to be a perfect can to crack after mowing the lawn and sitting down to enjoy the last rays of afternoon sunshine.

However, the beer as nothing to recommend it from a flavor perspective.  It’s like a whisper of beer across your tongue and then it is gone.  You look from side to side hoping to catch a glimpse of the beer, but nothing is in view.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a critique that is epidemic among “summer beers.” In the end, it was a forgettable drink little better than the most derivative of macro brews:

Purchased One Mug Rating

It does not get any better with Chicawawa Lemonale:


Chicawawa Lemonale is billed as “that girly drink that men will drink from time to time, ‘just to taste it.’”  Whatever.  No one is getting past a single can of this “beer” candy.  If you have ever had a can of Sunkist Lemonade soda you get the idea.  Throw in a little eau de Natty Light and you would emerge with a pretty good facsimile of Chicawawa Lemonale.

Not much else to say:

Zero Mug Purchase


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