Friday Linkage 7/25/2014

It seems like the world is falling apart or maybe we were just living through a period where the time until doomsday was much further out. I do not know, but it sure feels like things have gotten really crazy in the last couple of months.

On to the links…

National Park Service Calls Development Plans a Threat to Grand Canyon—Seriously, why can we not leave the Grand Canyon alone? First, it’s damning the Colorado River and next it’s uranium mining and then it’s airplane tours that are supremely annoying. And on it goes…

Obama Administration Opens Eastern Seaboard To Oil Drilling Surveys—This was a total WTF moment. Isn’t enough of the U.S. open to oil and gas exploration already? Aren’t oil and gas companies sitting on millions of acres of leases? Confusing.

Despite Foot-Draggers in Congress, Wind Turbine Company Adding 800 Jobs to Colorado Manufacturing—Everything is in spite of Congress these days, but as the price to deploy wind equals the price to produce electricity from coal there will be no requirement for Congress to act. The market will have decided.

Iowa Governor Accused Of Passing Up $1 Million For New Solar—If all politics is local, I guess that my local clown is Terry Branstad who is the biggest shill for industry in state politics right now. Never mind the hush money paid to people that were fired or his inability to follow basic traffic laws, Governor “Brain Dead” is a joke when it comes to moving the state forward.

States Against E.P.A. Rule on Carbon Pollution Would Gain—Too bad certain politicians’ objections to anything done by the Obama administration is driven by politics and optics as opposed to reality. The benefit to a state’s citizens is irrelevant if there is hay to be made on Fox News.

Texas Is Wired for Wind Power, and More Farms Plug In—Texas actually took a proactive approach to building an infrastructure to exploit wind power and it is paying off. Hard to believe in a state that is run by a clown like Rick Perry that something this visionary was undertaken.

China’s Energy Plans Will Worsen Climate Change—Is there ever any good news from China lately? At least this is not the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Tall Wood is the Next Big Thing in Construction—There have been reports that so called “tall wood” will take off as construction costs with more traditional steel and concrete rise due to global demand and climate concerns, but I am not holding my breath given the power of vested interests.

California’s Next Oil Rush might be Surprisingly Delicious—As California confronts the reality of a drier future it’s water intensive agriculture is going to need to look at other crops if it expects to be in the business for any period of time. Almonds and alfalfa are going to be out and olives might just be in.

California Couple Tries To Conserve Water, Ends Up Facing $500 Fine For Brown Lawn—Never mind the drought and the state asking for people to conserve water, if the HOA or city demands a green lawn in the desert it must be done.

How Morro Bay Went from a National Disaster to a Sustainable Success Story—It is possible, even in California, to have a success story.

Cargill to Phase Out use of Growth-Promoting Antibiotics in Turkeys—The elimination of antibiotics as a growth promotion agent is one of the simplest reforms that can be undertaken to check the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. An extra pound or so on a turkey carcass is not worth one life lost to a drug-resistant bacterial infection.

Eat Invasive Species!— is a site dedicated to spreading the know how and culinary skills necessary to make delectable delights from your local invasive species. Asian carp anyone?

Soylent Survivor: One Month Living on Lab-made Liquid Nourishment—It’s hard to believe how much mileage the creator of this meal replacement has gotten. If it had been named Slim-Fast does anyone think that the media would have paid this much attention? Nope.

Why Don’t Ice Cream Sandwiches Melt Anymore?—The obvious answer is that the white stuff in the middle is not actually ice cream. Still, I am a little frightened by the chemical concoction that is being passed off as ice cream. Another reason for homemade.


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