Friday Linkage 12/26/2014

As you read this I will be on the road driving to Colorado. Skiing and good times with old friends await in the mountains. It just requires over thirteen hours in the car to make it happen. First world problems.

On to the links…

Prosthetic Hand Crafted on 3-D Printer may Open Doors for Denver Girl—This a hell of a story. Instead of printing questionable firearms or another miniature for tabletop rpgs, Clay Guillory made a prosthetic for a 9 year old girl with a partially formed hand. Maybe the world is a pretty good place after all.

This Is the Stupidest Anti-Science Bullshit of 2014—When someone builds a Mount Rushmore of jackasses, James Inhofe will have to be placed front and center. How someone like this has any influence over science policy in the United States is beyond the pale.

A Green Dilemma for the Holidays: Better to Shop Online or In-Store?—This is the paper or plastic debate of the 21st century. Just buy less stuff and buy what you can locally. There is the answer that no one wants to hear.

200,000 Miles In A Chevy Volt With No Problems—The thing to remember about the Chevy Volt is that the car is just the first generation. In terms of reliability and efficiency the car seems to be fulfilling the promise. It will be interesting to see if the second generation can deliver more at a better price point.

750 MW Solar Power Plant In India, Likely To Be Largest Solar Power Plant In World, Gets World Bank Financing Commitment—Instead of just financing huge dams or other questionable projects, the World Bank is getting into the solar game.

Wind & Solar = 77% Of New US Electricity Generating Capacity In November—Dig it. The renewables revolution is here. Every watt that can displace a fossil fuel watt is demand destruction.


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