The Joni Ernst Watch 1/5/2014

Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst is rarely without something to say.

However, she has kept a pretty low profile prior to taking office Tuesday. The Des Moines Register had a pretty good rundown of what has been happening in the world of Joni Ernst lately.

By the way, I cannot wait to see what a shit show Steve King’s “Iowa Freedom Summit” becomes on January 24th. Here is the list of confirmed attendees: Texas Gov. Rick Perry; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas; former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; Ben Carson; and Sarah Palin along with Senate quitter Jim DeMint. Love it. These clowns will be falling all over themselves to brush up on their caucus bona fides with slightly less than a year until that fateful night in 2016.


2 responses to “The Joni Ernst Watch 1/5/2014

  1. I grew up in Iowa, and have been enjoying your Ernst Watch articles very much. No idea how long the entertainment value will sustain her national career. It worked in Sarah Palin’s favor for awhile, until she was within reach of real power. Unlike Mrs. Palin, Joni reads, but that “I’m not a scientist” dodge won’t fly forever. Her extreme religiosity will eventually be outed.

    I appreciate the sense of Midwestern surrealism living there gave me, but I resided in what passes for cities, and was very aware of the dimensional shift between those blue/purple pockets and the (booger eatin’ moron) views emanating from the rural red vortex. I found a town just like Iowa City to retire to in a much more liberal state (WA), after a 28-year detour in CA.

    • You can hope that her extreme views and willful ignorance will be a factor in marginalizing her influence, however that does not seem to have stunted the political arcs of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Rand Paul.

      As Iowa careens toward the caucuses in 2016 I expect that the right wing of the right wing will be loud and proud for a while. Who cannot wait until the crazy train comes to town this summer?

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