What is this Stuff: IKEA Brödmix Flerkorn

I am sucker for the IKEA market section that is present in every store I have visited immediately after the minor hell that is checking out of the housewares portion of the store. Seriously, could people act any stranger than they do during checkout at IKEA?

Usually, I pick up a handful of chocolate bars for the trip home, peruse the oddities, and maybe score a jar of lingonberry jam. This time I grabbed a package of this stuff:

Brodmix Box

What exactly is Brödmix Flerkorn.  You can take IKEA’s description—A full-bodied multi-grain bread kit – just add water! Serve with butter and optional toppings—but that seemed like a sales pitch at its best.

Brödmix Flerkorn is Swedish for multi-grain bread mix. The ingredients bear out that description containing wheat flour, wheat flakes, rye flakes, coarse rye flour, sunflower kernels, wheat starch, linseed, malt, sourdough powder, salt, and dried yeast. As the description says, you just add water:

Brodmix Dough

It’s not a very appealing loaf pan of dough. Apparently, this is a fair facsimile of a rye bread that is popular in northern Europe and Scandinavia. The finished product does not appear much different:

Brodmix Loaf

As there is not much gluten in the wet mix—not gluten free mind you—the bread does not rise very much and is very dense. Also, because it is multi-grain it is quite crumbly. If you could make a loaf of bread out of a pan of wet Grape Nuts you kind of get the idea of what this bread is like.

Slathered with sour cherry preserves it is edible, but that is about the most charitable adjective I can apply to this particular recipe. I am not about to trade in my bread from New Pi with a box from IKEA.


2 responses to “What is this Stuff: IKEA Brödmix Flerkorn

  1. Goats cheese with cranberry and orange marmalade is delicious on this bread.

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