What is this Stuff: Organic Valley Grassmilk

I was at New Pi picking up some lunch—the cashew on a hot tin roof sandwich may be the downfall of my 2015 budget—and had to pick up some milk. For some reason, the milk section was fairly well picked over or containers had been removed for a date issue or cleaning or whatever. I stumbled upon this:


Grassmilk? The container pretty much says it all: 100% grass fed, no grain, non-homogenized, no GMO, no synthetic hormones, no anti-biotics, etc.

Organic Valley, hailing from the small town of La Farge, WI, is a well-known entity in my refrigerator. Lately, I have been buying milk from a more local dairy—Hansen’s Dairy in Hudson, IA—but the concept of grass fed milk enticed me.

Cows were never meant to eat large quantities of grain and, damn it, every video I see of cows on pasture make the animals seem happy as all get out to be “frolicking” in the sun.

I generally do not think of Organic Valley as being “local.” However, some of their producers are very close. Some are in towns like Kalona, Cascade, Fairbank, and Hazelton. I think that I used to pass the farm in Hazelton on my way to southeastern Minnesota to see family. Heck, the headquarters of Organic Valley in La Farge is only a 162 miles from where I live. That is pretty local in the grand scheme of things.

It’s a winner in my book because cows were meant to live on pasture. Being corn fed is not a good thing.


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