What is this Stuff: Milton Creamery Quark

Sometimes I find myself wandering through the aisles of the new Cedar Rapids location of the New Pioneer Coop looking for something different to try. My hands were full with a half-pound of coffee and a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread when I ran across this in the cheese case:

Quark Container

Milton Creamery is a cheese making operation located in Milton, Iowa—that’s far southern Iowa for those of you not too familiar with the Hawkeye State’s geography. Well known for the most excellent Prairie Breeze white cheddar Quark is a cream cheese very different from that brand that claims to be from a certain city in Pennsylvania:

Quark Open

This is cream cheese like you have never tasted. It’s simple and rich in a way that only a pure food can be. Stewardship of the land is an important part of the Milton Creamery story. Started in 2006, it’s a labor of love for the Musser family who adhere to Mennonite traditions. The result is a collaboration with small dairy farms in the immediate area, no farm has a herd of more than 65 cows, that are not given any growth hormones. Shouldn’t all food production be done this way?

Slathered on a piece of fresh jalapeno cheddar bread it’s a snack made in heaven:

Quark Bread

It is wonderful to see old world traditions surviving and thriving in our evolving food culture.


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