The Joni Ernst Watch 2/9/2014

Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst is rarely without something to say.

When in doubt and needing a little shot of attention from the conservative taste makers at Fox News the prescription is always the same: put a bill forward repealing Obamacare. Ernst, along with 46 other senators including humanity’s dog whistle Ted Cruz, have put forth another bill—which the president would veto—calling for a repeal of Obamacare.

Ernst had this to say about the pending legislation:

Too many Iowa families and businesses have been hurt by the painful effects of ObamaCare – from rising costs, to losing access to doctors, to hampering businesses’ abilities to hire new employees. We must start over by repealing and replacing this disastrous law in order to craft and implement real solutions for affordable, patient centered alternatives.

What Iowa families have been hurt by Obamacare? I know only of families who now have access to healthcare or who are not afraid of losing their healthcare. That does not fit neatly into the “fill in the blank” soundbites that get approved by the Koch Brothers.

You know what I find funny in all of this after so many years? Obamacare was supposed to the label that carried a lot of negative connotations, but the administration embraced the name and made it their own. Gotta’ love flipping the script.


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