The Problem with E-Waste

I cancelled DirecTV over a month ago and spent the time in between waiting for the company to send me a so-called recovery kit for the two receivers that I had used prior to cancellation. Lo and behold, DirecTV had no interest in taking back the two ancient receivers. This is what I was left with:


See the problem here? DirecTV, which owns the receivers that a subscriber rents, has no obligation to take back their own product to dispose of properly when they deem the cost to recover more than the cost to just write the asset off.

E-waste is a huge problem. How many of these types of products end up in landfills? In Linn County we are fortunate enough to have a solid waste agency that takes e-waste from residents of the county for free. This ensures that no one is just throwing the products away with the trash where hazardous materials could leach into the soil and groundwater.

The other part about this saga that is so frustrating is DirecTV’s position. Prior to cancelling I wanted to upgrade my equipment without committing to two more years of service. DirecTV gave me the run around, but when it came time to actually pay to ship their receivers back the company punted the responsibility to me because there was no value. What a joke.


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