The Joni Ernst Watch 2/16/2014

Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst is rarely without something to say.

In reality, it has been a quiet week for Joni. Sure, there has been some controversy over calling herself a combat veteran. This is a label fraught with issues. I remember relatives who served in theater during the Vietnam War scoffing at someone calling themselves a Vietnam vet who spent the war stationed in Japan or something like that. In more modern times the term has been even harder to delineate as so-called “fobbits” rarely leave the comfortable confines of a base, which would seem to be part of the definition of a combat veteran. It’s a hard call.

Really Steve King? Really?


If this guy were trying to be a caricature of a Republican stooge it would not be this bad because a sane person would say, “Nah, someone would not do that.” Alas, Steve King does that every time. If the above cartoon were not enough, ol’ Steve has reintroduced his so-called “English Language Unity Act.” You know this bill as an English only law that failed to pass in 2005, 2007, and 2011.

He has also introduced a bill called the “New Illegal Deduction Elimination Act” which would eliminate tax deductions for companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Given the huge donations that companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants give to the GOP I find it hard to imagine that this bill will make it any further than the other crackpot ideas in Steve King’s head.


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