What is this Stuff: Trader Joe’s Crunchy Peanut Butter with Flax and Chia Seeds

I am not one to jump on the “superfood” bandwagon of the week. So, when the world moved from quinoa—still a staple grain in my household—to chia I missed the boat. Still, when I saw a jar of peanut butter with flax and chia seeds at Trader Joe’s I bit:

Trader Joes Flax Chia PB

For a while Trader Joe’s and Target’s Archer Farms brand carried an almond butter with toasted flaxseed that was pretty tasty. It was a nice protein packed treat with some additional omega 3 fatty acids to top things off. It’s been year since I have seen either product, so my hopes were high for this new find.

The result is a crunchy peanut butter that is not like any other crunchy peanut butter you may have had in the past:

Flax Chia PB on Bread

The combination of crunch from peanut pieces and the two seeds is amazingly distinct and awesome at the same time. I was prepared for this to taste like a gimmicky health food… er superfood, that you have to choke down bite by bite with Herculean effort. Nope, it’s super tasty.

I cannot confirm whether the included chia seeds meet all of the health claims being touted—reducing blood pressure, making you feel full, reducing food cravings, etc.—but the seeds were tasty.

It’s also not loaded with sugar, like a lot of other packaged nut butters, so you are not getting loaded down with extra fructose. Fructose is the mind killer, to adapt a line from Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi classic Dune. There is some added salt. I will take a little added sodium over added sugar any day.

The stuff is also loaded with omega 3s. There are 320mg per serving (approximately 2 tablespoons worth), which is a nice boost to the daily need of this essential nutrient. If you are not into clearing the oceans of fish for a supplement pill—trust me, the menhaden will thank you for going to veggie route on this one—sources like flaxseed or chia are hyper critical to getting a daily dose of omega 3s. Eating it on a piece of toast via peanut butter makes the day’s medicine that much easier to swallow.

Get a jar and let me know what you think.


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