Doing the Scott Walker Dance

Scott Walker is perfecting a new dance. When asked a question about the President of the United States, e.g. is he a Christian, the governor deflects. In essence, he is sending out the code words of the extreme right that signal he believes to some degree that the president is secretly a Kenyan-born Muslim out to destroy America. Never mind producing any evidence. That is Orly Taitz’s or Donald Trump’s or Joe Arpaio’s job.

The governor got caught in what he will claim is a “gotcha” question. However, when you spend time associating with people who make these outlandish claims—the president is Kenyan, the president is Muslim, the president hates America, etc.—it stands to reason that you should at least clarify where you stand. Especially since you are spending time in Iowa like you are a viable candidate for national office.

The tactic is to take offense at the nature of the question without ever addressing the substance of the question. A right winger wins on two fronts. First, he or she has blasted the mainstream media and that is always a winning strategy despite the fact that the mouthpiece of the right win is Fox News which is the mainstream media. Second, he or she never has to actually make a statement of belief so that person can always go back to the whack jobs and say, “I never said the president wasn’t a secret Kenyan!”

Taken to the extreme it results in a silly rhetorical dance. It’s Wednesday, I am bored, so let’s play the Scott Walker Dance Game:

Do you believe that Governor Scott Walker is a Minnesota Vikings fan? I do not know that the governor is not a Vikings fan, but we have never had a conversation as to the degree to which he is loyal to everything Packers related.

Do you believe that Governor Scott Walker is a fan of Justin Bieber? I do not know with certainty that the governor is or is not a Belieber, but Wisconsin is close enough to Canada to make it possible that he also likes Nickelback.

Do you believe that Governor Scott Walker is a Satanist? I have never had a conversation with the governor about his beliefs in the power of the dark lord.

Do you believe that Governor Scott Walker is a zombie? While I have never seen the governor on an episode of the Walking Dead I have not had a conversation with him about his current state of decomposition.

Do you believe that Governor Scott Walker is a pandering stooge and tool of the Koch brothers? Well…yes.

I could do this for hours.


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