The Joni Ernst Watch 3/2/2014

Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst is rarely without something to say.

Apparently, Iowans are not too enamored with Ernst’s performance as a senator given that only 38% approve according to a Des Moines Register poll. Amazingly, the other two statewide officials Governor Terry Branstad and Senator Chuck Grassley enjoy approval ratings of 59% and 64% respectively. So, it’s not like things are breaking along party lines. How again did Ernst get elected? Oh right, Bruce Braley ran the worst campaign in modern memory.

How is this for an odd couple? Ex-Representative Dennis Kucinich—remember, it rhymes with spinach—shared the stage at CPAC with all-time whack job and current Representative Steve King. Huh? Granted, Kucinich is now a commentator on Fox News which will hire a token liberal to please the critics but this seems beyond the pale.

CPAC was also the gathering that gave me one of my favorite animated GIFs of all time:


Behold the sheer horror of bouncing Rush.


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