The Joni Ernst Watch 3/16/2014

I may be on vacation, but I did not want to leave you without your weekly dose of Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst or some of the other whack jobs who cross the great state of Iowa in search of Oval Office dreams.  Or in the case of Steve King, just straight up crazy talk.

The letter 47 U.S. Senators—all Republicans in an amazing coincidence—signed warning Iran that any deal made with the Obama administration was only good so long as he was president was bad enough. It’s even worse that both senators from Iowa—Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst—signed the letter. Nothing like 100% participation. Imagine if Democrats had done something similar during the second Bush presidency. I think I can still hear Fox News going through the roof on that hypothetical scenario. For Republicans executive privilege is a concept only extended to white males who toe their party line. Everyone else is imperial.

Actions have consequences and that is something that Joni Ernst might find out. Apparently, there is a little known law called the Logan Act which prohibits U.S. citizens from conducting foreign policy without explicit authorization from the government. Somehow I imagine the 47 Republicans who signed the letter screaming like Judge Dredd…we are the law!

It’s Iowa in the spring before the caucuses that will end some hopes for the presidency and vault others into contention. At the moment, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker—two of the douchiest candidates this side of Paul Ryan—are the odds on favorites to win come winter. Granted, it’s early and these two are sure to insert their well shod feet into their mouths but is it a sad state of affairs when you look at Christ Christie and consider him a “reasonable” Republican?


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