The Joni Ernst Watch 3/30/2014

When it comes to Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst  or Steve King it’s clown shoes all day, every day.  Recently, the conversation in Iowa has turned away from our homegrown whack-a-doos and focused on the nutcase circus that will be the Republican caucus.

Ted Cruz kicked things off and his start is auspicious at best.  First, there is the detailed Ted Cruz agenda which includes such humdingers as:

  • Repealing Obamacare, even though he is probably going to sign up for health insurance via the federal exchange that Obamacare created
  • A flat tax and eliminating the IRS, which is just red meat for his libertarian and conservative base
  • Opposing same sex marriage and abortion
  • Opposing any measure to conduct background checks on the purchase of firearms

He was apparently the alpha arrogant asshole in the land of people competing wholeheartedly to grab that trophy.

California Governor Jerry Brown considered Cruz unfit for public office, Ted got all pissed off about climate change instead.

But, wait, Ted Cruz is like Galileo.

Even better, Donald Trump is bringing his own brand of birther-ism to the fight.  Where is Orly Taitz?

This all happened in the first few gleaming hours of the Ted Cruz official candidacy period.  Just wait until people sharpen their knives for the eventual evisceration of a candidate described as being loathed by his own caucus.

Here is the kind of stuff we have to look forward to in a Ted Cruz candidacy as reported by Daily Kos:

  • “Net Neutrality”is Obamacare for the internet; the internet should not operate at the speed of government.
  • “You always have to be worried about something that is considered a so-called scientific theory that fits every scenario. Climate change, as they have defined it, can never be disproved, because whether it gets hotter or whether it gets colder, whatever happens, they’ll say, well, it’s changing, so it proves our theory.”
  • I will credit my father, he invented … green eggs and ham. He did it two ways. The easy way was he would put green food coloring in … But if you take spinach and mix it into the eggs, the eggs turn green … I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am.
  • This is an administration that seems bound and determine to violate every single one of our bill of rights. I don’t know that they have yet violated the Third Amendment, but I expect them to start quartering soldiers in peoples’ homes soon.
  • If you look at other nations that have gone down the road towards gay marriage, that’s the next step of where it gets enforced. It gets enforced against Christian pastors who decline to perform gay marriages, who speak out and preach biblical truths on marriage, that has been defined elsewhere as hate speech, as inconsistent with the enlightened view of government.
  • “The world is on fire,” Cruz replied, turning to face the girl and her mother. “Yes! Your world is on fire!”
  • Twenty years from now if there is some obscure trivial pursuit question, I am confident I will be the answer.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  In the case of Scott Walker’s administration in Wisconsin it looks like his deputy is right at lease once.


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