The Joni Ernst Watch 8/10/2015

When it comes to Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst or Steve King it’s clown shoes all day, every day. Recently, the conversation in Iowa has turned away from our homegrown whack-a-doos and focused on the nutcase circus that will be the Republican caucus.

Joni decided that she was going to go all-in on defunding Planned Parenthood and came up seven votes short. Better luck next time. Instead of licking her wounds in private, the junior senator from Iowa went on the offensive by lashing out at two of the right wing’s favorite targets—Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren:

Women like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are really trying to push this and I think this is very, very unfortunate. What are they defending? Are they defending the selling of baby body parts potentially?

I love the passive aggressive tone of the statement. It’s okay to slander someone if you end it in question market right?

Normally, Chuck Grassley does not grace these pages because the long-serving senator from Iowa is pretty bland even when is in attack mode. Unfortunately, he decided to delay the nominations of 20 State Department appointments until Hillary Clinton releases some more emails because…uh, Benghazi? When will these people quit?

Man, I love this guy:


Not Scott Walker, but Tyler McFarland who was the brave soul who made this picture possible.

Granted, I would love to see someone do the same to Ted Cruz. He apparently thinks that scientists have created climate change:

They’re cooking the books. They’re actually adjusting the numbers. Enron used to do their books the same way.

Wasn’t Enron a poster child for the right wing’s race to deregulate markets across the country? Just saying.

Does anyone remember Sarah Palin? Speaking about Donald Trump she said:

The elites are shocked by Trump’s dominance, but everyday Americans aren’t. Everywhere I’ve gone this summer, including motorsport events in Detroit full of fed-up Joe Six-Pack Americans, the folks I meet commiserate about wussified slates of politicians, but then unsolicited, they whisper their appreciation for Trump because he has the guts to say it like it is.

I love the paint by numbers word salad she always employs. If I bought a six pack of American made craft IPA would I be considered Joe Six Pack American?


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