The Joni Ernst Watch 8/24/2015

When it comes to Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst or Steve King it’s clown shoes all day, every day. Recently, the conversation in Iowa has turned away from our homegrown whack-a-doos and focused on the nutcase circus that will be the Republican caucus.

Steve King thinks that Donald Trump is the best:

I think today he is the leader on immigration. There’s no question about that.

You have to wonder when the right wing of the right wing is going to snap out of its Trump mania. It might never actually happen. However, Steve King is right there with Trump when it comes to getting extreme on immigration and citizenship:

The people who say that the Constitution has to be amended in order to end birthright citizenship are invariably the people who think it’s a good idea — and those who think it’s a good idea generally are the beneficiaries of it.

No, the people who say you need to amend the Constitution are legal scholars who understand how the U.S. federal system works.

But at least Steve King found time to dig into a stick of deep fat fried butter at the Iowa State Fair.

Scott Walker, who has watched his early momentum in Iowa be usurped by the Donald, apparently does not want reporters asking any tough questions. Walker now has his staff screen questions before anyone is allowed to ask anything.

John Kasich, competing with a whole bevy of second tier candidates trying to get some spotlight, went al Chris Christie and attacked public teachers. Apparently, the problem with our public school system is unions and teachers’ lounges:

I’ll tell you what the unions do, unfortunately too much of the time. There’s a constant negative comment, ‘They’re going to take your benefits, they’re going to take your pay.’ So if I were, not president, but if I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers’ lounges, where they sit together and worry about, ‘Woe is us.

Carly Fiorina, who is apparently still running for the Republican nomination, wants to get in on some bashing of poor people and laws designed to provide a floor on how bad businesses can treat vulnerable workers:

We are crushing them under the weight, the complexity, the cost, the power of a federal government that frankly advantages the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well-connected, and is crushing the small and the powerless. Every time we destroy a small business or we destroy a community bank, we are destroying the opportunity for someone to get that first job, learn skills, and get a better job.

We are really crushing companies that are making lots of money while people are on government assistance because wages have stagnated.

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