Stuff I Like: humangear capCAP

In this day of fancy water bottles with bite valves and insulated vacuum flasks that double as long range growlers there is not a lot of love for the old Nalgene bottle. I confess, when I am in the great outdoors I look like someone plucked an REI shopper out of the mid-1990s. I proudly carry my one liter Nalgene bottles in my backpacks mesh side pockets.

Why? Have you ever seen the funk that can develop in an unattended bottle’s bite valve or straw system? Trust me, I left some of those items to soak in PBW—a seriously awesome cleaner from the homebrewer world—and it barely did the trick. With a simple old Nalgene bottle I can take off the screw cap and scrub the heck out of it with a bottle brush. Even though my children are well past the bottle stage I still keep bottle brushes handy because these things are so handy.

The only problem? Nalgene bottles with the traditional wide mouth kind of suck to drink out of. The narrow neck bottles are easier to drink from, but harder to clean and harder to put ice or other substances in for drinking fun.

The solution? The humangear capCAP:


All right, the capitalization and name is ridiculous but the cap rocks. It preserves the versatility of the large mouth opening, but the second cap gives you a place to take a drink without risking an impromptu face wash.

I know that my several ancient Nalgene bottles are declasse compared to the Klean Kanteens or Hydro Flasks, but I am stuck in my ways after so many years on this planet.


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